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The path twists, and turns, and you stumble before your eyes can adjust to the enveloping darkness. In the distance, a Gothic manor seems more to be approaching you, than you approaching it, as you make your way forwards in the deep night. A rumble of thunder in the distance, noises that are foreign and rattling to your tensed nerves writhe on the edge of your imagination as imps and demons. Lightning splits the sky, and makes the world tremble around you, and you turn back quickly, before the world goes dark once more. But the lightning has illuminated a shape, and bright, glowing animalistic eyes; something back there, watching you, perhaps following you. Your legs carry you faster as your heart leaps up into your throat, towards the wrought iron gate that encloses a gothic courtyard. The bars are cold and damp, as you tug the creaking, stagnant gate open, and slam it behind you. As you make your way into the gothic courtyard, you can't help but feel as though you've just closed the door to your own mausoleum.

The path up to the looming, and intimidating form of the house is cracked and broken. Bricks crumble under your feet; parts of the walk are disintegrating, while others feel as though if you tripped, you could break your neck on them... So you walk on, carefully, trying create some more distance between yourself and the creature that lurked behind you on the path. Something shrieks, and swoops, darts past your ear, and you fall onto a dangerously ancient railing, before quickly regaining your balance, to make your way up to an enormous, and ornately carved wooden door. The presence of something clawing its way over the ground, and coming for you, seems to grip your heart and make it pound, as you quickly jerk the door open, and close the heavy door behind you. This time, it feels as though you have now closed the door to your coffin; no escape, you're only in the deepest part of the darkness now.

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The foyer feels like an empty crime scene, and you're convinced you have somehow sealed your doom, but the prospect of elegance in demise is too great to dissuade you, and fear both restrains and tempts you, as you move towards the flickering shadows of candle light, thrown against a wall deeper in the strange house. You move forward, and stand in the wide open doorway to an enormous chamber. High gothic stained glass windows, flicker and flash as lightning illuminates horrific and enchanting designs of torture and debauchery illustrated it the glass. From a domed, opaque glass ceiling hangs an ancient and unlit chandelier. The candle light comes from a table in the center of the room, cluttered with various horrific odds and ends, that you are grateful you cannot see. Slim figures in black robes, as well as wearing exotic, and enticing accessories and gear, stand in a circle around the table that is crowded with black and white flickering candles. The light on their faces casts shadows under their eyes, and making those wearing hoods and robes completely hidden from view.

One breaks away from the group, without your noticing, as you are so entranced by this scene of stillness and strange, foreign mystery. A hand takes a hold of yours, in the dark. You look into a beautiful face, doomed for silence; her lips are sewn shut, as she gazes serenely back at you, knowingly, and directs you deeper into the house. Entranced, you follow her, unable to tear your eyes away from the pale thighs encased in slick, skin-tight pvc, the barely there skirt that entices your eyes with just the edge of a perfect, pale ass. Black bondage cuffs on her wrist seem to whisper unspeakable delights to you in the dark, while you follow, your eyes travelling over shining, raven hair, pulled into a tight braid; it's length reaches the edge of her tiny skirt. As she escorts you threw the house, you can't help but imagine wrapping that coil of braid around your fist... or just how loud she can scream with her lips sewn shut. She leads you, along the dark halls, showing you each room of the manor; the lounge, the gallery, the theater and library.

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Your strange escort has led you into a world where every sinful whim will be fulfilled; where the damsel and the vampire meet, and have crawled and writhed their way out of your imagination, and wait to taunt and tempt you, from their cam whore lairs. Alt fetish and horror; beautiful women like living corpses tempt you with knowing smiles. Like a burlesque show from hell, visions of the occult and gothic culture flicker across your senses, inviting you to taste, and savor the succubus awaiting you. The great and terrible beauty of cyber whores, invite you to be a voyeur; to satisfy your thirst for the alternative, and escape the ordinary. Vintage erotica; pale women lounge on sofas, nude and ready to please, as they gaze at you with haunted eyes. Punk girls growl at you and lick their lips, flashing bits of pale flesh, waiting to be bitten, or to bite. The sites and spectacles lying within are a paradise of fetish; enough to sate the appetite of any sinner.

Tattooed and pierced girls seduce you with entrancing gazes from across the room, as they lick their lips to tease, and beg you to come nearer. Techno and raver girls await you, painted like perfect trash as they bid you to come join them in sinful delights. Goth cam girls show you their pale, lustful skin. Purring gothic sluts stroke their skin, and each others while they watch you, waiting for you to make a move, to come inside and play with them. They're waiting to play with you too.

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